Transiting uranus square natal venus

This transit of uranus represents a serious challenge to whatever love relationship you may be involved.

If you are married, or you are not married but you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, there could be a sudden break-up of your love relationship or marriage. Usually Uranus is very exact on its transits, so look at carefully when the aspect is exact, because those are the days with more risk of a sudden break-up.

If there is break-up, it will be sudden and a very cold break-up. Some day you may think you have a stable life, married with your wife or husband, and next day you find you don't have wife or husband, he/she has left you and has done it in a very aseptic and cold manner, leaving you wondering what the hell has happened. The problem has been mentioned, you think you have a stable love relationship and this is the problem, stability and lack of adventures and surprises, so if you want to prevent a break-up of your marriage or love relationship, during the previous months to this transit of uranos on your natal venus, and also for all the time this transit is active, you have to modify your behavior and try to be not predictible with your wife or husband, prepare surprises dinners in a good restaurant, weekends of love in a rural house, travel to foreign country, and even show a totally impredictible behavior (avoid routines and don't let your wife or husband predict what you will do at a concrete hour in a concrete day). This is the real solution to this transit, and if you are a routinary and domestic person who loves to be at home (and this transit is especially risky for home lovers), it will be hard for you to be such a impredictible person, but you have to consider if your marriage or love relationship is worth the efforts.

You should have in mind that if there is a break-up of a love relationship or marriage while transiting uranus square natal venus, the abandoner is usually the wife or husband of the person under this planetary transit, and usually this transit is materialized as a break-up of the love relationship especially when the relationship has become very routinary and stable.


If you are not married, transiting uranus square natal venus could bring you some brief relationships, probably brief and probably only sexual relationships, because it is difficult to find a stable love relationship under this transit.

Also, there is a curious signal of this transit is that the person choses a new couple phisycally much less beautiful than the person under this transit, and this not happens only with transiting uranus, even in the natal chart of many people (more often happens in women natal charts) with natal uranus square natal venus, these people may be very pretty but usually choses as wife or husband a person much less pretty than them, and usually they can choose between some suitors and they choose what people considers "the worst option"

Another characteristic signal of transiting uranus square natal venus, as many other aspects between uranus and venus both natally and by transit (especially natal uranus opposition natal venus, and transiting uranus opposition natal venus) is that it may involve the person in some "friend zone" or "nice guy" situations, and this happens to both men and women. Meanwhile they may have brief love affairs with women or men that are physically less beautiful than them, they may fall in love to a woman or man they always dreamt, but usually they will just become friends and will hear such terrible phrases like "I love you as a friend" or "i just want friendship wityh you". The friend zone is very connected to planetary aspects between uranus and venus.

Another distinct characteristic of transiting uranus square natal venus involves hard and bad experiences dating through internet, in internet dating websites, chatting, etc. This is not curious because uranus is very related to technology, but experience has showed that transiting uranus square natal venus tends to cause bad love experiences initiated in internet (byzarre experiences, friend zone experiences, sudden electrical attractions followed by almost intant rejections, etc) . So people under the influence of this transit would better stay away from internet dating sites for some time, until the transiting aspect is dissolved.

If you have heard someone say something like "I will never date again by internet, i will meet my future lover in the real life", there are many possibilities that that person has suffered a tense transit of uranus on their natal venus or has got natal tense aspect between both planets (in this last case, the "friend zone" could migrate to their "real life" as well). However, you should note that not all bad love experiences coming from internet dating sites are related to uranus; natal venus square natal mars, pluto or saturn tend to cause such bad experiences in love as well (in internet and outside internet), but they usually don 't cause "friend zone" situations, which are almost exclusive of Uranus-Venus planetary contacts.

Although in modern astrology, many astrologers equal planetary aspects between uranus and venus to the natal position of venus in the air sign of aquarius, the effects of venus in aquarius are much more softer and much more less drastic than the radical and sudden effects provocated by the planetary aspect between Uranus and Venus, so we consider that Venus in Aquarius can't be equaled to planetary contacts between venus and uranus.

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