Transiting Jupiter in the 10th house

When Jupiter in transit  is crossing the M.C. and enters the 10th house, some events, mostly in the career and work areas, use to happen. This transit occurs aproximately every 12 years, and the most important event when transiting Jupiter is in the 10th house is that the person will work under this transit, will work a lot.

This is the main meaning of Jupiter in transit accross the 10th house: lot of work. So, if you are unemployed, this transit is a good signal of finding a new job, but will be a job where you have to work a lot, lots of hours and not necessarily will mean lots of money, usually not.

So this transit, although good per se,  will strain those of you accustomed to low intensity work, now it's time of working and working a lot, when transiting Jupiter is in the 10th house.

And as exposed above, the effects of this transit are not linked to money, meaning that this transit promises working a lot but this transit is not linked to lots of money necessarily, but if you were unemployed, and you are looking for a new job, the inminence of this transit is a very good signal that you will find a job soon, usually you will find the job when Jupiter conjuncts the M.C. or in the immediate weeks after Jupiter crosses the M.C.

Usually lot of stress comes with this transit of Jupiter across the 10th house because not only you will work a lot more, but also responsibilities will be multiplied. However, the good spiritual side of this transit is that your mind will be expanded through work.  The career and job will be a source for increased spiritual awareness under this transit, even when you are exhausted due to so much work, you will find your place in society, and it is likely that you will be able to see the effects of your work on the general wealthness of society, it is like if you could see your place in the inmense machinery of life and how your work affects others, so in spiritual terms, this transit is usually quite rewarding and  you will find a good reason to keep on with the good work.

If you were already working when Jupiter in transit cross the M.C. and enters the 10th house, a promotion in your job is a real possibility, but also, another possibility else is that the terms of your work contract are modified to work more hours a week and not always is linked to an increase of salary. Sometimes this transit coincides with a temporal campaign in your job that requires all the workers to work much more than usual.

For people who is not working and who is not looking for a job, for example because their husbands or wives are who are working and they are at home caring and educating their children, this transit also coincides with much more responsbilities at home (sometimes due to a new baby at home)

So, resuming the important keywords of the effects and events usually caused by transiting Jupiter in the 10th house:

-If you are unemployed, and you are looking for a job, this transit is a very good signal of finding a new job.

-If you were already working under this transit, there are some chances of promotion, but there are much more chances of working harder and for more hours and not necessarily linked to a increase of salary.

-If you are at home, not working and not expecting working, responsibilities and duties at home may be multiplied.

-This transit promises lots of work, but also will expand your mind and spiritual awareness through work, so under this transit you may find a good reason to keep on working and you may find your place in society and find how your work affects others and how your work contributes to the general wealth.

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