Transiting uranus conjunct natal sun

Transiting uranus conjunct natal sun tends to cause a huge anxiety for freedom and the need to break routines in all the aspects of life, although generally, the effects of this transit will be felt more deeply in the area of life repressented by the natal house of the sun. This is a transit that causes lots of tension in the person, she desires to initiate new things and activities, and can show an erratic, odd and extravagant behavior, and make things that people will not understand. This, in a similar way to transiting uranos conjunct natal mercury, may induce brilliant ideas, almost genial, or in the opposite,absurd ideas that have got no base in reality and common sense.

But especially transiting uranos conjunct natal sun defines a tendency to want to to break with the past, to get rid of whatever situation, person or thing that limits the freedom and independence of the person, breaking all type of bonds and restrictions, whatever the person considers is limiting her freedom.

This transit may be lived very positively, and in fact, it brings new fresh air, providing joy of life and starting new phases in life, but the negative effects may arise as well, because the person may try to get rid of persons or things that continue being valid in her life, so after, when the effects of this transit have been integrated fully in the life of the person, and she returns to a more stable situation, she may regret of some crazy decissions and break-ups promoted by her under the influence of transiting uranus conjunct natal sun.

This transit is more powerful and strong if in the natal chart of the person, there is already a contact between both planets, if this natal contact is negative (square, opposition, semi-square, sesquicuadrate, and also, if this aspect is considered, the quincunxs), very probably the effects of uranus in transit, in conjunction with the natal sun may mark the init of a new very different phase of life.

Due to the fact that the sun is the planet that integrates and harmonizes all then other planets, whatever transit on the natal sun will affect all the aspects of life, but depending of the natal house where the sun is stiuated, the effects of transiting uranus conjunct natal sun will be more deeply felt in a concrete area of life:

TRANSITING URANUS CONJUNCT NATAL SUN IN THE 1TH HOUSE: The effects will be felt mainly in the ego, in how the person expresses herself to the world. The effects of uranus are increased in this house and the person may show a very extravagant behavior, this transit may also affect the love relationships with possibility of a break-up promoted by the person under this transit.

TRANSITING URANUS CONJUNCT NATAL SUN IN THE  2ND HOUSE: Posibility of sudden gain or loss of money. If the natal sun is well aspected by benefic planets, the probability is higher for gain. Changes in the scale of values of the person.

TRANSITING URANUS CONJUNCT NATAL SUN IN THE 3RD HOUSE: May indicate multiple short travels, possibility of communication problems with others, changing the way the person expresses and communicates with other people and possibly the person will not mind nor hear the opinions of others. Possibility of arguments and even break-up of relationship with neighboors and siblings.

TRANSITING URANUS CONJUNCT NATAL SUN IN THE 4TH HOUSE: Possibility of change of home, suddenly, probably the person feels suddenly that she no longers feel good and comfortable at home and desires a change of home as soon as possible. This feeling may not be conscious but anyways, it could lead to that sudden change. There is also possibility of more than one changes of residence.

TRANSITING URANUS CONJUNCT NATAL SUN IN THE 5TH HOUSE: possibility of sudden pregnancy in a unexpected way, may be with the help of artificial ways (insemination...), and the child to be born could be brilliant. Also, this transit could mean a sudden break-up of a love relationship but also it could bring a new love suddenly. The new love could be a foreign person or an extravagant person, someone different to the normal person.

TRANSITING URANUS CONJUNCT NATAL SUN IN THE 6TH HOUSE: possibility of sudden changes at work, maybe bad changes (be fired suddenly) or good changes (to be promoted suddenly and unexpectedly). If the person does not have job, this transit could bring a new job, maybe related to new technologies and computers.

TRANSITING URANUS CONJUNCT NATAL SUN IN THE 7TH HOUSE: possibility of divorce or break-up in a love relationship, promoted by the partner probably, not by the person living this planetary transit.

TRANSITING URANUS CONJUNCT NATAL SUN IN THE 8TH HOUSE: possibility that the resources of the wife or husband change suddenly to better or to worst. Possibility of a sudden and unexpected inheritance.

TRANSITING URANUS CONJUNCT NATAL SUN IN THE 9TH HOUSE: excellent moment to initiate o continue universitary studies, especially if the studies are related to new technologies, the person feels the need to continue studying.

TRANSITING URANUS CONJUNCT NATAL SUN IN THE 10TH HOUSE: possibility of sudden change in professional career, possibility of sudden loss or change of job, initiating a new very different career. This change may not be pleasant intially but on the long term could be very benefical and fortunate.

TRANSITING URANUS CONJUNCT NATAL SUN IN THE 11TH HOUSE: this transit, in the house associated to Uranus may have 2 aspects: one positive aspect, making the person feel very interested to reform and improve society, but also it could cause the person to become very rebel in social terms, the person could break with friends and social groups where he was previously integrated, and because the sun is situated natally in this house, he had probably, a lot of protagonism in those groups, so this transit could cause his fall in the social groups.

TRANSITING URANUS CONJUNCT NATAL SUN IN THE 12TH HOUSE: The natal sun in this house is very afflicted, so this person has probably always felt underestimated, she feels she has always served others and nobody has valued her service, so the transit of uranus on this natal sun may cause the person to try to break with this situation, so she could rebel and could try to show everybody that she is very valuable, independent and worthy, but because we are talking of the 12th house (that has got relation to prisons and hospitals), the person has to be very careful because that new attitude could lead her unexpectedly to prison or to a hospital, a real risk when the 12th house is involved, so they key is to channel the energies of uranus (do not repress them because it would be worst) in a constructive way, especially in the service to others, rather than in a rebel way.

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