Astrology, Horoscopes, Angelic Magick, Tarot and Theurgy.

This website is about Magick, Angels and angelic magick, astrology, tarot, qabalah, neoplatonism, occult philosophy, hermetics and theurgy and its actual application today. As its name says, it pretends to do some kind of work like what Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa did in the renaissance, I.E., a complete system of magick but actualised for the actual XXI century, so it will also treat new ways of doing magick like chaos magick, modern magick, radionics and experimental magick.

We are specialised on Love Astrology and Love Magick.

Here in you can also find horoscopes for all the 12 astrological signs, astrological calendar to choose the best astrological times to get pregnant, etc.


MAGICK, SPELLS AND MAGICAL PRACTICES: this section is about magick as a way to cause changes according to the will of the mage. Includes many magical practices, spells, etc. There is a special subsection about love magick and love spells. Here there is also information about some new ways of practicing magick like chaos magick, modern magick and radionics, but we also want to be fidel to the old spirit of magick.

ASTROLOGY: this section includes advanced information about planetary aspects, planets in the astrological sign and houses, progressions, and also, generalistic horoscopes.

HYPOTHESIS FOR OCCULT PHILOSOPHY: this section is occult speculation, including articles about magick, spirituality, angelic magick, astrology, etc, pretending also to debate about new ideas and hypothesis for the progress of the occult work.

TAROT: this section explain the meanings of the minor and major arcanes of the tarot, its use for divination and tarot readings and other articles related to the symbolism of the cards and meditations on the cards.

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Actually this website has got no commercial interest, that means it does not sell anything. (in the future i don't know if it will be commercial or not, but actually it is not commercial).

Note: This website is based in Spain (European Union). Excuse for the english grammar errors, our native language is spanish.

NEWS (Beginning the 1 of may of 2011, new pages will also be linked here so you may find what is new after your last visit):

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10-may-2011: 2012 phenomenon: astrological chart for the 21 of december of 2012

16-may-2011: Astrological calendar of the best times to get pregnant in 2011

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1-august-2011: Horoscope 2012 for the astrological sign of gemini

22-september-2011: Horoscope and predictions for the 12 astrological signs for october of 2011

1-october-2011: Horoscope 2012 for the astrological sign of cancer

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